As the world keeps evolving, we’ve grown used to new technological advances being made day-in and day-out. New inventions complement our daily lives in the most unexpected of situations. To stay on top of global trends and make our own contribution, we actively participate in domestic and international exhibitions.

Here at GAMPRE, we strive to create distinctively Lithuanian products that meet global standards, and this is what we proudly present in the exhibitions we participate in.

During exhibitions, we aim to:

  • present our technological innovations in their finalised form;
  • learn about clients’ expectations and desires, as well as the latest trends;
  • motivate our employees;
  • learn about new markets and their specific needs;
  • form new export relationships;
  • meet with our current partners and suppliers of raw materials, as well as those who generally think like us, and strengthen our cooperation.

At least twice a year, we meet satisfied customers in Latvia and learn about the latest trends in exhibitions in Sweden, intended for both professional and hobby gardeners and landscapers from all across Scandinavia.

We’re proud to be part of an annual B2B exhibition for garden accessories in Germany, where our REGIUM line of products receives strong interest from business representatives every single year.

We took part in our first exhibition back in 2012, presenting our SANUS greenhouse, and our REGIUM patio canopy was first presented in 2015.

We participate in exhibitions and keep developing and growing because GAMPRE UAB always strives to offer creative and innovative products that deliver superior value to its clients.

We come back with a whole bunch of new products year after year, tailored to the needs of each and every one of you.

Will we be seeing you in the next exhibition? Let’s chat!

Suggestions and offers are also welcome by email at info@gampre.com.