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From the heart

We work for You.
In the family business working together with our 3 kids, we grow together, learn together from experience and (sometimes) from the mistakes. Every morning we wake up and every evening we go to sleep thinking how to create the best quality, innovative product, how to respect expectations of each and every client, how to be the first choise company for our employees, partners, suppliers.


During manufacturing process we us only certified and supplied by EU manufacturers raw materials, thus we can be proud of the highest quality products.

REGIUM patio canopy

Drink a cup of coffee!

REGIUM Sunroom

Have an additional room!

REGIUM carports

Love Your car!

SANUS greenhouse

Grow up vegetables yourself!
Šiltnamių aksesuarai ir priedai -

Accessories for greenhouses

Work intelligently!
Stoginių ir verandų aksesuarai - lauko šildytuvai, terasinės lentos

REGIUM accessories

Live comfortably!

Let’s talk.