according to 1090-3:2019

Our created REGIUM sunrooms will let you shorten winter and prolong summer, to be closer nature every day and to have an additional “room” for your house.

REGIUM verandos
REGIUM verandos


Įsigyjant standartinių matmenų stogines “REGIUM” internetu, mokėsite net iki 30% pigiau, nei užsakydami pagal individualų projektą.


Stoginėms “REGIUM” suteikiama 10 metų garantija. Jos pagamintos tik iš Europos Sąjungoje sertifikuotų medžiagų.


Stoginės “REGIUM” yra ilgaamžės ir nereikalauja jokios papildomos priežiūros. Sutaupykite laiko ir skirkite jį sau.


Stogines “REGIUM” paprasta sumontuoti pačiam pagal išsamią instrukciją bei pateikiamas gaires, tam nereikia jokių ypatingų įrankių.

Why to choose REGIUM Sunroom?

Apie verandos konstrukciją ir dangą
Apie verandos konstrukciją ir dangą

Construction and roofing

  • Produced from long lasting Swedish aluminum profiles, which does not need any additional maintenance;
  • 3 the most customers prefered colors: brown (RAL 8019), white (RAL 9016), gray (RL 7016);
  • Roof covered with 16 mm austrian polycarbonate with effective UV protection
    OR with 16 mm acryl with special “anti-drop” system
    OR with 10 mm tempered glass.
Lietuviška verandos konstukcija - Vilnius
Lietuviška verandos konstukcija - Vilnius

Dream and grow together!

  • All used materials suppliers corrresponds to European Union requirements, no chinese materials are used;
  • Unique, only UAB “GAMPRE” used “Simply Smart” connection system;
  • Integrated, non-visible drain pipe;
  • Easy to transport, easy to assembe -you can do it yourself;
  • 10 years warranty.

Side sliding system according your choice can be:

REGIUM rėminės verandos stiklo konstrukcija
REGIUM rėminės verandos stiklo konstrukcija

with a framed construction

made from aluminum and glass
REGIUM berėmė verandos stiklo konstukcija
REGIUM berėmė verandos stiklo konstukcija

frameless glass construction

We use austrian “GLASMARTE” system.

Please contact us and we prepare the individual offer


What are the porches of the REGIUM?

Roof coverings

We offer 3 different roofing surfaces.

Polycarbonate roof covering, which has a service life of 15-18 years.

Acrylic roofing, which has a lifespan of 30-40 years.

Glass – 10 mm tempered glass, long service, scratch-free, maintenance-free, touch-sensitive material.


The design is made of durable Sweeden aluminum profiles, which does not require any additional maintenance.

Already have a built-in roofing or arbor, but you want to protect yourself from wind and rain?

Our proposed framed glass construction is suitable for wooden structures, the system is resistant to wood changes, so you will enjoy the perfectly functioning veranda throughout the year. You only need to know the width and height of your roofing hinges and contact us.

Great solution for already having a roof

In Lithuania, the tree is the most commonly used construction material for the construction of roofs or gazebos, and yet very often there are wet, not completely dried timber structures. Naturally, due to the seasonal changes – sunlight, rain, mourning for spring snow – the tree “moves, walks”. Therefore, the usual, most commonly mounted framed verandah designs are not suitable because of extremely small, only 2-3 mm of free flow, which is too small for an expanded tree, and as a result the systems (doors) that are mounted are unstable, tight and hard-seated. And if the builders leave a bigger gap, then the structure becomes even more dangerous, as in the event of a higher wind, the doors may simply fall. For these reasons, frame glazing is not recommended for wooden roof tiles.

For roofs with a hole height up to 2 years, we offer 8 mm hardened glass, 1 sq. m the price is at 149 euros.

For roofs with a hole height over 2 years, we offer a 10-mm tempered glass, 1 sq. m the price is from 189 euro.