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From the heart we work for you!

In the family business we are working together with our three kids, we grow together, learn together from our experiences and (sometimes) from our mistakes. Every morning we wake up and every evening we go to sleep thinking about how to create the best quality, innovative product, how to meet the expectations of each and every client, how to become the firs choise company for our employees and partners.

Antracīta alumīnija konstrukcija, bronzas polikarbonāta jumta segums

Aluminum profile pergola REGIUM

For any kind of house we help our partners to find a solution.

Greenhouse for modern people

The people, who appreciates greenhouse that saves their time and makes gardening easier.

Aluminum profile pergola REGIUM

  • To connect profiles we provide stainless steel screws.
  • We cut all the profiles and polycarbonate according to the measurements.
  • Polycarbonate is not screwed to the frame, it is put on top of profiles and hold by another profile on top.
  • Polycarbonate doesn’t have contact with aluminum, only with rubber sealings.
  • Rain drainage system is hidden in the profiles.
  • We provide DIY manual for the assembly
EU manufacturers aluminum profiles

REGIUM pergolas are Gampre creation, all profile molds are created by Gampre. Aluminum is provided by such world wide known manufacturers as Hydro, Cortizo.

Profiles are powder coated. Standard colors: RAL7016, RAL7016 structure, RAL8017, RAL8019, RAL9016. All other RAL colors on demand




16 mm polycarbonate roof

REGIUM pergolas are made with 16mm polycarbonate roof covering. UV protected polycarbonate sheets has 10years manufacturers warranty. Polycarbonate is not
screwed with screws, it is put in between aluminum profiles with rubber sealings. Three colors are used: clear, bronze, white.

Clear polycarbonate

It is usually used in colder climates where people are trying to catch all the sunlight they can
and when people wants to keep as much light in their house as possible.

Bronze polycarbonate

This most often is used with houses that has brown parts on it. 80% direct sunlight goes through it.

White polycarbonate

It is best suited for the customers who has a lot of sun and it gets wery hot during the summer days. White polycarbonate spreads the sunlight and creates a shade while still allowing 80% of sunlight.
REGIUM glass

10mm temperred glass is used to for pergolas. Glass is more expensive but it creates classy easthetic looks for the pergola. Glass can be darkened gray and brown color.





We are producing pergolas with individual measurements as well. Provide us with depth, length, column height and if there are any restrictions height by the house wall.

Standard Angle: 10 degrees

Standard Width

2 m; 3 m; 3.5 m; 4 m; 6 m

Standard Length

3.06 m; 4.07 m; 5.08 m; 6.09 m; 7.10 m

Standard Column height

2.2 m

SANUS greenhouses

SANUS greenhouses are fast growing aluminum greenhouse brand in Europe. We ship greenhouses to customers from snowy north of Norway to sunny south of Italy and Malta. Wide range of sizes with glass, polycarbonate or glass walls + polycarbonate roof coverings allows customer to find best fitting option for them.

Innovative great quality long lasting

For all SANUS greenhouses we use only 6 mm, UV protected, EU manufacturers polycarbonate for glazing. All the sheets are cut and prepared for instalation. Polycarbonate sheets slides into profiles for that reason you don’t need to put screws through the sheets.

To make life easier we provide DYI manual with detailed step-by-step instructions and images.

Polycarbonate with natural aluminum frame

For plant growers that are looking for optimal price and best solution for their plants.
Aluminum frame with stainless steel screws and bolts will ensure longlevity of the greenhouse and 6mm twinwall polycarbonate glazing, will protect the plants from direct sunlight and create the best climate for the plants

Glass walls and polycarbonate roof with painted frame

More ellegant version of the SANUS greenhouse. Best of glass and polycarbonate put together. Ellegant painted aluminum frame. Polycarbonate roof gives the protection from the sun. Glass walls provides beutifull view inside the greenhouse. This version is used as orangery as well where side glass walls gives outside view.

Glass with painted frame

The centre and the focus of the garden. Beutifull painted aluminum frame with 4 mm temperred glass glazing. Blends in with garden structures and at the same time stands out as main focus of it. Perfect option for orangery
Innovative great quality long lasting
  • ALUMINUM BASE PROFILE is included for all SANUS greenhouse models. The hight of the base profile is only 6 cm and it makes it more stable and easier to step over.
  • Skylights (factory made) and automatic openers are included (amount depends on the lenght of the greenhouse) automatic ventilation of the greenhouse is very important for the customer.
  • All SANUS XL models has a window on the back wall included. It gives aditional ventilation for the greenhouse.
  • 6 mm MWS polycarbonate glazing. EU manufacturer. The UV layer is spread on the polycarbonate sheets, it guarantees that every 1cm2 is protected from the UV.
  • There’s nothing worse than a half done product for people so all the POLYCARBONATE SHEETS and all the ALLUMINUM PROFILES are cut in the factory.
  • REINFORCED aluminum profiles, all the molds for profiles have been designed by us and supplied by EU manufacturers.
  • Greenhouse doors are factory made, durable and esthetic aluminum handles included.
  • Stainless steel screws and bolts.
  • Greenhouses are easy to assemble. We provide DIY manual, with step-by-step instructions with images.
  • All greenhouses are packed into cardboard boxes. The longest package for all greenhouses is 2,2 m long.
  • Aluminum we use is produced with 60% recycled materials. Polycarbonate is produced with up to 70% of recycled materal.
  • Multifoil antidust tape set included. To protect polycarbonate sheets every sheet is sealed with tapes. Bottom of the sheet is sealed with breathing tape (doesn’t allow anything in and alows humidity to leave the sheet) the top of the sheet is sealed with closing tape (does not allow anything in and nothing out)
  • SANUS greenhouses has 5 YEARS WARRANTY* (* There are additional terms and conditions).

Base profile

We include the base profile for all our greenhouses. The profile itself is shaped D form to make it more stable and suitable for all weather conditions. It is easy to put together and for simple connection to the foundation we include alluminum connection parts.

Corner profile

Greenhouse corners holds the snow load and ensures that greenhouse is stable during heavy winds and storms. Same thing with the roof corners. We created the profiles keeping in mind harsh spring and autumn storms in Lithuania. Our greenhouse is capable of enduring storms, winds, snow, heavy rain.

Skylights and automatic openers are included

Nowadays when everyone is always in a hurry, time is preciuos. To save people time all our skylights comes with automatic skylight openers. This technology makes sure that the greenhouse is always ventilating properly. The openers comes from Denmark, manufacturer uses only natural oil for the pistons.